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NEWBVILLE: Buy Sell WOW Accounts, World Of Warcraft, FFXI Accounts

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About Us

Welcome to NEWBVILLE. Down here we offer nothing but the finest 100% American Owned and Operated Services. We specialize in selling, trading, buying along with leveling, pre leveling, and escorting accounts. We specifically offer safety first by offering pre leveled characters originally owned by ourselves. Any additional accounts have already been transferred to a new account or all the information has been edited to our name for FULL SECURITY.

Our Guarantee

We offer a full guarantee that means if a problem does occur, you are insured which allows you to receive an entirely new replacement account at no additional cost.


Our built in automation systems allow us to be able to deliver your account directly to your email with a touch of a button. All you need to do is order, go straight to live help, get verified by our specialists, and you will have your account delivered in seconds. If your account is not delivered to you within this time frame, don't worry because our team may need to manually go in, and deliver your account which can take sometime but should not take more than 24 hours.

We are the ONLY company to offer FULL protection. Every account we sell is either originally owned by us or we actually call the game developers, and change the information into our names with our experienced techniques allowing full security to the accounts we deliver. Also being that we are in the US, you will receive an US IP originated account without any foreign IP's which could cause a permeant ban on your account at a later point.

We have the most advanced backend systems in the industry. The need for employees is almost minimal as our automated data center of computers handle the work for us leading no human error. No more dealing with foreign employees who can't take care of your account before you acquire it, we offer the fullest security!

We offer MMO Accounts for over 20 Games! These games include age of conan (aoc), anarchy online (anarchy), dark age of camelot (daoc), eve online (eve), everquest (eq1), everquest 2 (eq2), final fantasy xi (ffxi), final fantasy xiv (ffxiv), guild wars (gw), guild wars 2 (gw2), league of legends (lol), lineage 2 (l2), lord of the rings online (lotro), maplestory (ms), rift (rift), runescape (rs), star wars the old republic (swtor), tera (tera), world of tanks (wot), and world of warcraft (wow). All accounts come backed by our guarantee policy which can be seen above. You can view our different types of accounts to your right.